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How to Turn Your TV into a PC Monitor

Posted on June 8, 2017  in General

It is possible to turn any TV screen into a PC monitor. This can be great idea because it can make games funnier and easier. You can be more comfortable when playing games using a TV screen as the monitor. It is also better to use the TV screen for watching movies. Some people may find building websites and creating presentations easier when using TV screens as monitors. There are some more reasons why using a TV as a PC monitor may be useful. You get surround sound from the TV speakers which is useful when listening to downloaded music or when watching movies. You can watch a football game too, using the TV, while working on your laptop. Also, you don’t run the risk of spilling drinks or food over your keyboard and mouse.

If you are used to staring at your standard PC monitor, sometimes it can be exciting to read your email on a 37 inch TV screen.

It is fantastic when you can flip a TV into functioning as a PC monitor. The images are much better. You may already know, if you have seen it before. If you have not, then you might want to know how to do this, now. It is not very hard, but you need to follow the instructions carefully.

Conversion Instructions

First, you will need a Video Card set up in your PC. It is a piece of hardware that generates and outputs images. It can be used for Mpeg decoding, TV tuner adaptation, video capture, for connecting joysticks, and for connecting multiple monitors. You can usually get a video card for around $30. It will be a 256 MB card that is enough for most functions.

Your PC is likely to have an “S-Video” port. You will need to plug an “S-Video” cable to the “S-Video out” port. Then connect it to your TV in the “S-Video In” port. To carry the sound signals you need an RCA cable. Hook up the RCA cable (red and black) into the corresponding ports on the TV. Hook up the other end of the RCA cable into your laptop or PC. You can also use PC speakers.

Now we need to adapt the video card settings in the PC.

1.Right Click on the PC desktop
2.Click “Properties”
3.Click “Settings”
4.Now Click “Advanced”

You will get a window that says “Graphic Card settings”. Choose the “Display Settings” tab. Then choose the “Single” display option. Then your screen may become blank and you will likely see the screensaver.

Now select the “Clone” option for the TV. This will send the PC signal through the “S-Video” cable to the TV. You need to press the “TV-Video” or “AV” or some similar button on your TV remote. The screen from the PC will come through the “Video” option of the TV. When you find your PC screen appearing on the TV, click the Apply button in the PC’s “Video Card” dialog.

Click “Yes” to confirm the process. You can now have some fun watching PC screen on the TV.